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Puffy Eyes

Why Is This New Treatment So Effective?

Periorbital puffiness, also called swelling of the eyes, refers to a condition in which excessive fluid is retained in the connective tissues around the eyes; especially in the eyelids. Eyes begin to swell, and the skin around them becomes overly sensitive.

Puffy eyes can result from infections, trauma or other injuries around the eyes region.

Almost all types of inflammation to the eye can result to swelling eyelid, but allergic reactions are the most common cause. With allergic reactions, eyes may also be itchy and red. On rare occasions, systematic conditions (applying to the entire body) may trigger retention of fluid around the body including fluid retention in the connective tissues around the eyes.

Puffy Eyes

Who Gets Puffy Eyes?

Puffy eyes are a common symptom of lack of sleep, stress, allergies and poor diet. Individuals who consume lots of sodium and alcohol before bed may rise up with puffy eyes due to fluid retention.

Stress may also weaken the skin and triggering problems such as swelling. At times, puffy eyes are a symptom of other eye illnesses such as blepharitis, which is the swelling of the eyelid and base of the eyelashes.

Puffy Eye Symptoms

Additional symptoms that may be present when the eyes are swollen or inflamed include:

Discomfort Redness around the eye Blurry vision Eye discharge Itching or burning sensation Eye pain Double vision and difficulty seeing.Illusions of presence of foreign bodies in eye.

More serious symptoms include:

Facial and neck swelling Severe headachesFever Difficulty breathing General ill feeling such as nausea, vomiting) Chills.

Causes of Puffy Eyes

Most causes of puffy eyes may also cause dark circles under the eye. They include aging, hereditary, lifestyle as wells as illness and allergies. Hormone changes may also cause dark eyes. Crying, especially if its prolonged, is accompanied by swollen eyes, since the tiny glands that produce tears becomes inflamed from over activity. Other causes of puffy eyes are;

Normal aging process DietSkin disorders such as dermatitis Dysfunction of tear glands Hypothyroidism Nephritic syndrome in which puffy eyes are normally the first sign Contact lenses Conjunctivitis Allergies Blepharitis Eye infections Styes.


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Elite™ SuperStrength is newly designed and based strongly on the latest discoveries in the area of advanced dermatology. It fights the natural aging process that causes formation of wrinkles and uneven retention of fluids in your body.

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