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Bags Under Eyes

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Under eye bags are actually natural effect caused by aging as well as allergies, sleep and habits that tend to retain water. As people age the tissues under the eyes and the muscles which normally support the eyelids weaken. This makes your eyes to appear puffy because the fat that normally supports the eyes has moved to the lower eyelids.

Also, when fluid accumulates under the eyes, they make the eyes appear swollen. Under eye bags are not as a result of underlying major medical concern as many people may think. They are as a result of cosmetic reasons.

Symptoms of Bags Under Eyes

bags under eyesSome of the common symptoms of these circles under the eyes include mild swelling, dark circles and saggy and loose skin at the area just below your eyes. You may not experience all of the above symptoms but you will at least experience swelling under the eyes.

Under eye bags makes us look sleepy and tired and often we may not like how look at the front of the mirror. Fortunately, there are various ways in which you can easily get rid of puffy eyes.

What you’ve to know is that under eye bags are harmless and don’t need any medical attention but can be easily gotten rid of by using herbs such as Elite™ SuperStrength Pentapeptide Complex.

But is the swelling becomes severe and persistent, you should consider visiting a medical doctor. Also, when the swelling affects other parts of the body such legs and if it is accompanied by redness, pain and itching, seeking medical advice is inevitable. The doctor will have to examine if the swelling is caused by allergy, infection, thyroid or kidney problems etc.

Causes of Bags Under Eye

When muscle structures and tissues supporting your eyelids weaken, your eyes become puffy and sleepy. The fat that normally is held by these muscles moves to the area below your eye making the skin under the eye to sag.

Moreover, when fluid collects below your eyes, the skin under the eye sags making the area to swell. This may be caused by fluid retention due to changes in hormone levels, eating salty foods and changes in atmospheric conditions.

Also, under eye bags can be caused by sleeping flat on your bag, which often causes fluid to concentrate under the eyes. Lack of enough sleep, heredity, dermatitis and allergies may be other causes of bags under the eyes.


Treating eye bags is easy and can be accomplished through various lifestyle and home remedies. Treatments such as applying cold compresses and sleeping properly are just some temporary solutions to eye bags.

If you are seeking permanent remedy to these dark circles, medical and surgical treatments may suffice. Skin treatments normally meant for wrinkles such as chemical peels or laser resurfacing improves the tone of your skin as well as tightness.

However, surgeries are expensive and the results may be detrimental, that’s why a superior product (instead of surgery) is the best choice. Elite™ SuperStrength is one of the best products anti-wrinkle and anti-bags under eyes, which have been made specifically to improve the tone and appearance of the skin.

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It is an incredible skin product that decreases the dark circles convincingly. It contains some of the most scientifically tested and proven like Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Argireline and Matrylix® 3000. These ingredients work together to make Elite™ SuperStrength the best solution to eye bags.

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